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Selected Journal Articles

1.    Nanoscale Advances (2021) – Baolei Liu, Jiayan Liao, Yiliao Song, Chaohao Chen, Lei Ding, Jie Lu, Jiajia Zhou*, Fan Wang*, “Multiplexed structured illumination super-resolution imaging with lifetime-engineered upconversion nanoparticles”, accepted, [IF: 4.38]. [published as the front cover]
2.    IEEE Photonics Journal (2021) – Baolei Liu, Wang, Fan*, Chaohao Chen, David McGloin*, “Single-Pixel Diffuser Camera”, vol.13, 6, 7800205. [IF: 2.443]
3.    Optica (2021) – Baolei Liu, Wang, Fan*, Chaohao Chen, Fei Dong, David McGloin*, “Self-evolving ghost imaging”, vol. 8, 10, 1340-1349. [IF: 11.1]
4.    Nano Letters (2021) – Jiayan Liao, Jiajia Zhou*, Yiliao Song, Baolei Liu, Yinghui Chen, Fan Wang, Chaohao Chen, Jun Lin, Xueyuan Chen, Jie Lu* and Dayong Jin*, “Preselectable Optical Fingerprints of Heterogeneous Upconversion Nanoparticles”, vol. 21, 18, 7659-7668 [IF: 11.2]
5.    Nature Nanotechnology (2021) – Shan, Xuchen†, Wang, Fan*†, Wang, Dejiang, Wen, Shihui, Chen, Chaohao, Di, Xiangjun, Nie, Peng, Liao, Jiayan, Liu, Yongtao, Ding, Lei, Reece, Peter* and Jin, Dayong*, “Optical tweezers beyond refractive index mismatch using highly doped nanoparticles”, vol 16 (5), 531-537. [IF: 31.5]
6.    Nature Communication (2021) – Liu, Yongtao†, Zhou, Zhiguang†, Wang, Fan*†, Kewes, Günter, Wen, Shihui, Burger, Sven, Wakiani, Majid Ebrahimi, Xi, Peng, Yang, Jiong, Yang, Xusan, Benson, Oliver* & Jin, Dayong*, “Axial Localization and Tracking of Self-interference Nanoparticles by Lateral Point Spread Functions”, 12(1), 1-9. [IF: 12.1]
7.    Advanced Materials (2021) – Chaohao Chen, Baolei Liu, Yongtao Liu, Jiayan Liao, Xuchen Shan, Fan Wang*, and Dayong Jin*, “Heterochromatic Nonlinear Optical Responses in Upconversion Nanoparticles for Super-resolution Nanoscopy”, vol 33 (23), 2008847. [IF: 27]
8.    Nanoscale (2020) –L. Gao, X. Shan, X. Xu, Y. Liu, B. Liu, S. Li, S. Wen, C. Ma, D. Jin, and F. Wang*, “Video-rate upconversion display from optimized lanthanide ion doped upconversion nanoparticles”, 2020,12, 18595-18599. [published as a cover paper]
9.    Nano Letters (2020) – B. Liu, C. Chen, X. Di, J. Liao, S. Wen, Q.P. Su, X. Shan, Z.Q. Xu, L.A. Ju, C. Mi, F. Wang*, and D. Jin*, “Upconversion Nonlinear Structured Illumination Microscopy”, 20, 7, 4775–4781. [published as a cover paper]
10.    Small (2020) – Y. Liu, F. Wang*, H. Lu, S. Wen, C. Chen, X. Shan, G. Fang, M. Stenzel and D. Jin, “Super-resolution mapping of single nanoparticles inside spheroids”, 16 (6), 1905572. [IF: 10.856; published as a cover paper]
11.    APL Photonics (2019) – X.X. Xu, Z. Zhou, Y. Liu, S. Wen, Z. Guo, L. Gao and F. Wang*, “Optimizing passivation shell thickness of single upconversion nanoparticles using a time-resolved spectrometer”, vol. 4, 026104, 2019. 
12.    Nanoscale (2019) –X. Yuan*, L. Li, Z. Li, F. Wang*, N. Wang, L. Fu, J. He, H.H. Tan and C. Jagadish, “Unexpected Benefits of Stacking Faults on the Electronic Structure and Optical Emission in Wurtzite GaAs/GaInP Core/Shell Nanowires”, in press. [IF: 7.2]
13.    Nature Communication (2018) – C. Chen†, F. Wang*†, S. Wen, Q. P. Su, M. C.L. Wu, Y. Liu, B. Wang, D. Li, X. Shan, M. Kianinia, I. Aharonovich, M. Toth, S. P. Jackson, P. Xi and D. Jin, “Multi-photon near-infrared emission saturation nanoscopy using upconversion nanoparticles”, vol. 9(1), 4, 2018. [IF: 12.1] 
14.    Light: Science & Applications (2018) - F. Wang*, S. Wen, H. He, B. Wang, Z. Zhou, O. Shimoni, D. Jin*, “Microscopic inspection and tracking of single upconversion nanoparticles in living cells”, vol. 7(4), 18007, 2018, [IF: 14.1, citation:11; ranked 3/92 in Optics, published by Nature publication group; published as the front cover] 
15.    Nano Letters (2017) - C. Ma, X. Xu*, F. Wang*, Z. Zhou, D. Liu, J. Zhao, M. Guan, C. I. Lang and D. Jin*, “Optimal Sensitizer Concentration in Single Upconversion Nanocrystals”, vol. 17(5), pp.2858-2864, 2017, (IF: 12.1]
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18.    Nano Letters (2011) - F. Wang, P. J. Reece*, S. Paiman, M. Gao, H. H. Tan and C. Jagadish, "Nonlinear Optical Processes in Optically Trapped InP Nanowires", vol. 11, pp.4149-4153, 2011. [IF: 12.1]
19.    Nature Communication (2020) – Y. Shang, J. Zhou, Y. Cai, F. Wang, A.F. Bravo, C. Yang, L. Jiang & D. Jin, “Low threshold lasing emissions from a single upconversion nanocrystal”, vol. 11, 6156
20.    Nature Communication (2020) – S. Wen, Y. Liu, F. Wang, G. Lin, J. Zhou, B. Shi, YD. Suh, D. Jin, “Nanorods with multidimensional optical information beyond the diffraction limit”, vol. 11(1), 1-8
21.    Light: Science & Applications (2020) – A. Sharma, L. Zhang, O. Tollerud, M. Dong, Y. Zhu, R. Halbich, T. Vogl, K. Liang, H T. Nguyen, F. Wang, S. Sanwlani, S. K. Earl, D. Macdonald, P. K. Lam, J. A. Davis and Y. Lu, “Supertransport of excitons in atomically thin organic semiconductors at the 2D quantum limit”, vol. 9, 116, 2020
22.    Chemistry of Materials (2019) – C. Mi, J. Zhou*, F. Wang, G. Lin, and D. Jin, “Ultra-Sensitive Ratiometric Nanothermometer with Large Dynamic Range and Photostability”, in press. [IF: 10.159]
23.    Nature Photonics (2018) - J. Zhou*, S. Wen, J. Liao, C. Clarke, S. Abbas, W. Ren, C. Mi, F. Wang and D. Jin*, “Activating the Surface Dark Layer of Upconversion Nanoparticles in a Thermal Field”, vol. 12(3), pp.154-158, 2018. [IF: 37.9; citations: 31]
24.    Nature Photonics (2019) – Y. Gu, Z. Guo, W. Yuan, M. Kong, Y, Liu, Y. Liu, Y. Gao, W. Feng, F. Wang, J. Zhou, D. Jin, and F. Li, “High-sensitivity imaging of time-domain near-infrared light transducer at 1 mW cm-2 irradiance”, in press, 2019. [IF: 37.9].
25.    Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications (2019) – Q. Gao, Z. Li, L. Li, K. Vora, Z. Li, A. Alabadla, F. Wang, Y. Guo, K. Peng, Y.C. Wenas, S. Mokkapati, F. Karouta, H.H. Tan, C. Jagadish and L. Fu, “Axial p‐n junction design and characterization for InP nanowire array solar cells”, vol. 27, 3 p237-244, 2019. [IF: 7.776]
26.    Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2019) – L. Wang, D. Cui, L. Ren, J. Zhou, F. Wang, G. Casillas, X. Xu, G. Peleckis, W. Hao, J. Ye, S.X. Dou, D. Jin, Y. Du*, “Boosting NIR-driven photocatalytic water splitting by constructing 2D/3D epitaxial heterostructures”, vol.7, 13629-13634, 2019. [IF: 10.733]
27.    Nanoscale (2019) –C. Mi, J. Zhou, F. Wang and D. Jin, “Thermally enhanced NIR-NIR anti-Stokes emission in rare earth doped nanocrystals”, accepted. [IF:7.2]
28.    Nanomaterials (2019) – F. Mirnajafizadeh, D. Ramsey, S. McAlpine, F. Wang, J. Stride, “Nanoparticles for Bioapplications: Study of the Cytotoxicity of Water Dispersible CdSe(S) and CdSe(S)/ZnO Quantum Dots”, vol. 9, 465, 2019. [IF: 3.5]
29.    Nature Communications (2018) - M. Kianinia, C. Bradac, B. Sontheimer, F. Wang, T.T. Tran, M. Nguyen, S. Kim, Z.Q. Xu, D. Jin, A.W. Schell, C.J. Lobo, I. Aharonovich and M. Toth, “All-optical control and super-resolution imaging of quantum emitters in layered materials”, vol. 9(1), 74, 2018, [IF: 12.1, citations: 8]
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